David Goldman practices law in Jacksonville and has two passions.
One is estate and trust law. The other is a life long love of firearms.


David's practice focuses on asset protection and includes estate planning, foreclosure defense, and protecting firearms rights and collections. David is an active writer and has been included in numerous firearms radio programs, podcasts, and legal articles. David also is the founding author or the Gun Trust Lawyer Blog, Florida Estate Planning Lawyer Blog, and the Florida Foreclosure Defense Lawyers Blog and has taught legal seminars on the NFA and Firearms Trusts. He understands how state and federal firearms laws create unique challenges in planning and settling gun owners' estates.

He is a member of the NRA Estate Planning Professionals Network.

For more information about David and his law firm visit the Apple Law Firm PLLC Website.


David was born in Texas were firearms are part of the culture. He started starting shooting at an early age and now owns a variety of pistols, riffles, and shotguns including Title II Firearms. He is a Lifetime Benefactor of NRA, and a member of the Second Amendment Foundation, and the NFA Trade and Collectors Associations. He has attended many firearms events including Knob Creek, The Silencer, the Shot Show, and many other national and regional gun shows and fund raising events. He is a member of several local gun clubs including Gateway Rifle & Pistol Club, Bullseye's Indoor Range, and the St. Augustine Rod and Gun Club. David has invested in firearms related businesses including the premier indoor gun range in Atlanta, GA, the Sandy Springs Shooting Range. David has always had an unwavering commitment to Second Amendment rights.